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Think Advanced understands the importance of learning and education in the global community.

Think Advanced decided to completely redesign its online learning platform and on-site training services. For years, we only provided on-site training for ERP projects. In the future, we will only offer online training. The Covid pandemic did play a role, but this change was highly requested by our subscriber base. We understand what Think Advanced means to our community and have decided to change our business model. We are currently redesigning our entire website and re-creating all of our content. We are confident that our subscriber base will be understanding as we make this transition.

Many of our subscribers have also told us how the global financial situation and unemployment issues are affecting them. Based on this information, we make every effort to keep our subscription rates as low as possible. We are unable to provide a completely free service because we wish to keep our course content professional and our internet service of high quality. Unfortunately, the costs add up. However, we will always be a cost-effective option. There are, of course, alternatives, such as Udemy and Coursera, to name a few. However, at Think Advanced, we have complete control over the content and quality. We also listen to what our subscribers suggest and request

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of this community.

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Our former students and current subscribers are members of a community that values receiving high-quality courses. We go above and beyond to keep our materials up-to-date and relevant. We started training people on various IT projects over the last 20 years. Due to popular demand, we have been asked to digitise our training and make it available online. As a result, we will no longer provide on-site training and will instead concentrate our efforts on online learning. Join this community and expand your skills and knowledge.

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At Think Advanced, we believe in flexibility and adaptability. That’s why we have adopted a hybrid workplace policy allowing our employees to work from anywhere, anytime. We understand that different people have different working preferences and requirements.

At Think Advanced, we prioritise work-life balance. We believe in giving our employees the flexibility they need to succeed both in their personal and professional lives.


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Dr. van den Berg holds degrees in both engineering and information technology. He also earned a Masters in Project Management…
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