Learn Project Management like a Professional. Start from the basics and go all the way to managing your own projects.

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    • What is a Project? Unlimited
    • What Exactly is Project Management? Unlimited
    • Prerequisites for Becoming a Project Manager FREE Unlimited
    • The Waterfall Project Management Lifecycle Unlimited
    • The Agile Project Management Lifecycle Unlimited
    • The Impact of Organisational Structure on Projects Unlimited
    • How the Culture of an Organisation Affects Projects Unlimited
    • Software Options for Managing Projects Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Organisation Unlimited
    • Project Initiation FREE Unlimited
    • Project Stakeholders Unlimited
    • Analyse the Project Stakeholders Unlimited
    • Identify the Project’s Goal Unlimited
    • Define the Project Objectives Unlimited
    • Gather Requirements Unlimited
    • Identify Project Risks and Assumptions Unlimited
    • Identify the Project Deliverables and Success Criteria Unlimited
    • Preparing the Project Scope Statement Unlimited
    • Creating the Project Charter Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Project Charter Unlimited
    • Overview of Project Planning FREE Unlimited
    • What is a Work Breakdown Structure? Unlimited
    • Building a Work Breakdown Structure Unlimited
    • How to Create Work Packages Unlimited
    • Estimating Time and Cost Unlimited
    • How to Select the Best Estimate Unlimited
    • Creating a Resource Management Plan Unlimited
    • Developing a Project Schedule Unlimited
    • Establishing a Project Budget Unlimited
    • Identify Risks Unlimited
    • Create a Risk Management Plan Unlimited
    • Create a Communication Plan Unlimited
    • Developing a Quality Plan Unlimited
    • Designing a Change Management Plan Unlimited
    • Procurement Planning Unlimited
    • Getting Approval to Proceed Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Project Changes Unlimited
    • Sequencing Project Tasks Unlimited
    • Assign Resources to Tasks Unlimited
    • How to use Milestones Unlimited
    • Designing a Realistic Schedule Unlimited
    • Identifying the Critical Path Unlimited
    • How to Shorten the Schedule Unlimited
    • Documenting the Baseline Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Network Diagram Unlimited
    • Team Resources Unlimited
    • Recognise Team Dynamics Unlimited
    • Managing Virtual Teams Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Team Conflict Unlimited
    • Gathering Data to Track Progress Unlimited
    • Managing Project Changes Unlimited
    • How to Manage Project Scope Unlimited
    • Monitoring and Controlling Risks Unlimited
    • How to use Earned Value Analysis Unlimited
    • Evaluating Project Progress Unlimited
    • Getting a Project Back on Track Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Change Request Unlimited
    • The Importance of Closing a Project Unlimited
    • Obtaining Customer Acceptance Unlimited
    • Document the Lessons Learned Unlimited
    • Preparing a Close-Out Report Unlimited
    • How to Close and Transition Projects Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Acceptance Unlimited
    • What is Agile Project Management? Unlimited
    • The Agile Lifecycle Unlimited
    • The Speculate Stage Unlimited
    • Managing the Explore Stage Unlimited
    • Managing the Adapt and Close Stages Unlimited
    • Case Study – Cambridge Hotel Agile Unlimited
    • Conclusion Unlimited



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