Culture and Inclusion Think Advanced is an inclusive and safe space learning platform

The Think Advanced Culture and Inclusion Values

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People of all nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and faiths are welcome to use our services. Think Advanced acknowledges that racism has negative effects on both physical and mental health. We are dedicated to stopping racial prejudice. Our goal is for all users of our services to have a secure, welcoming and inclusive experience. We pledge to deliver online lessons, tutorials, and blog content that respects individuals from all backgrounds, languages, and religions. Our online services’ cultural safety and inclusivity of all people are important to us as a company.

As a result, we:

  1. We strive to make sure our courses and other content are aesthetically appealing and easily accessible to our premium course members..
  2. Aiming to have a workforce that is inclusive and diverse.
  3. Taking suggestions from course participants seriously and listening to what they have to say.
  4. Ensure that our content uses inclusive language.
  5. Ensure that our website and services are accessibility-friendly. If you believe we could improve in certain areas, please email us at, and we will consider your suggestions.
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