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Foundation of Project Management

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Unlock your project management potential with our ‘Top-Rated Foundations of Project Management course led by Dr Sarah Ridgeway. Equip yourself with essential skills, methodologies, and tools to handle projects of any complexity. As industries evolve, PM becomes increasingly pivotal, with rising demand for skilled project managers across sectors. This is your chance to step up to the challenge and boost your career prospects with our comprehensive course.

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Product Description

Foundations of Project Management

Boost your project management career with this free foundations of project management certification course led by Dr. Sarah Ridgeway. Jump into our top-rated Foundations of Project Management course, crafted to arm you with the essential project management skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing field. Guided by the renowned Dr. Sarah Ridgeway, you will quickly master vital techniques for project management career growth.

Learn project management basics and how to get advanced certification. Explore Agile and Waterfall methods, and find out how to use them in any project, no matter its size. Improve your business skills and learn to think strategically. This helps you understand and shape your workplace, boosting your career.

Advance your Project Management Career

What’s happening in project management? More studies show we need more skilled project managers. Projects are becoming harder and need more expert skills.

Worried about money? Project managers often make good money because their work is very important. Many earn more than average.

Starting or improving? This free foundations of project management certification course is a crucial step in your project management journey.

Course Overview

Course Timeline

This concise, 3-hour Free Foundations of Project Management Certification Course is designed to be completed within two days. First, it covers the entire project lifecycle, starting with initiation, then moving on to planning, execution, and control. Additionally, you’ll explore Agile and Waterfall methodologies and learn how to apply these frameworks effectively to manage various projects.

Certification and Completion

Furthermore, after you finish all the video lessons, you’ll earn an official Certificate of Completion from You can download this certificate through your LMS account. Importantly, this certificate is yours, regardless of the quiz results.


Prerequisite Education:

No prerequisites

Program Level:


Advanced Preparation:

No preparation required

Certificate of Completion

a person holding up a Think Advanced Foundations of Project Management certificate of completion

Once you finish the course and watch all the video lessons, you will get an official downloadable Certificate of Completion from You can easily access and download this digital certificate through your LMS account on the platform. Also, you will receive the certificate no matter how you do on the course quiz, because the quiz results don’t affect earning this credential.

Instructor Expertise

This course is led by Dr. Sarah Ridgeway, a highly respected project management expert. Additionally, you can check out her extensive experience on her LinkedIn profile.

Pricing and Access

🌟 Enroll for free at and start enhancing your project management skills today.

Our Training Brand

We offer more than just courses. Specifically, designed by PhD-level experts, our educational materials consistently bring real value. Moreover, enjoy global inclusivity with features like multilingual support, closed captions, and audio translations. Furthermore, all these are delivered through cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring a consistently high-quality learning experience.

    Learning Objectives and Outcomes

    • Project Management
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Organisational Culture
    • Career Development
    • Change Management
    • Understand the fundamentals of project management, including the key concepts, processes, and knowledge areas
    • Explore the Waterfall and Agile project management lifecycles and learn how to apply them effectively
    • Discover the impact of organizational structure and culture on project success
    • Gain proficiency in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure
    • Develop skills in stakeholder management, risk management, resource planning, and more
    • Learn how to use various project management tools and software options
    • Apply your learning through comprehensive case studies and exercises

    PDF documents can be found in the Exercise Files download areas

    By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in project management, equipping you with the essential skills and knowledge to successfully deliver projects of any scale and complexity.

    Some Course Highlights

      Customer Reviews


      Elena Zhukova

      SAP Consultant at EfficientSAP

      “Having worked on IT and SAP projects for years, the transition to online project management was seamless thanks to these courses. “


      Michael O’Connor

      Senior Data Scientist at Quantify Analytics

      “The online modules have been instrumental in elevating my project leadership capabilities and driving impactful decisions in my career!”


      Sofia Ramirez

      Data Analyst at InnoData Inc.

      “My project delivery efficiency and team leadership skills have greatly improved.”

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